Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Child's Writing

I especially enjoyed my 11-year-old's writing this week. One assignment was a short paragraph giving examples of a clearly stated topic. She chose "what I like about my school." If you know my girls, you know that they don't fight. They have a lot of fun together, and Chelle especially likes to tease. So in that context, enjoy!

There are several things I like about my school. First, I like not having to sit around all day listening to a boring teacher tell me things that I can read for myself in my textbook. Secondly, I love having no homework, since homework basically is school for me. I also enjoy being able to use different curriculums instead of being tied to just one. Another important factor unique to my school is that I only have to worry about one bully! Thankfully, my bully isn't as bad as some. Anyway, I really love my school!

Her second assignment was to describe an experience. She chose a thunderstorm.

I remember once, several years ago, there was a big thunderstorm. Whenever lightening thrashed out from behind the clouds, the hole sky was lit up! Rain poured down upon our roof. In the dead of the night, my daddy came into my room and whispered to me "Get your robe on, then follow me to the porch." I did as he told me; and when I got to our front porch, it was, in reality, quite pretty, with the rain all around me. Thunder crashed, and I thought to myself, don't worry, God's just saying, 'Here comes more rain!'