Monday, September 10, 2007

Real Trust

What is Trust?

To the unbeliever, the notion of "trust" in God is a challenge to Him to grant what one wants. When Jesus hung nailed to the cross, passersby hurled abuse at Him: "Come down. Save yourself!" The chief priests, lawyers and elders (learned, logical leaders) mocked Him: "King of Israel, indeed! Let Him come down now from the cross and then we will believe Him. Did He trust in God? Let God rescue Him." (Matt. 27:42-43)

Real trust yields utterly to the one trusted. All desire is turned over to that one, believing his ability to manage, control, and finally to accomplish what is best.

When we pray, we should beware lest we line ourselves up with the mockers of Jesus--"If You do such and such, then I will trust You!" We need rather to let God rescue us in His own way. It may not be escape from suffering, but death--followed by so much more glorious a rescue--resurrection!"
From The Music of His Promises by Elisabeth Elliot.

Some pictures from this weekend at my grandmother's funeral
1. My dad and his dear older sister, Bonnie
2. The cousins who were at the funeral--It was so nice to see them.
3. My girls with Aunt Bonnie
4. With a sweet second cousin from Florida whom we had never met