Monday, September 24, 2007

What A Way To Live

In my forty-something years, I have come to realize that we humans share an insatiable desire for significance, an endless thirsting to be valued. We strive in innumerable ways to bolster our sense of worth, but never, completely, is that craving quenched. As I have recognized this endless--potentially vicious--cycle, and at the same time, studied the life and words of Jesus Christ, I have come to a place of rest, a peace of mind, a freedom from the unending thirst for worth.

Jesus says that I am loved by Him--God--my creator. He says that I am significant, valuable, useful to Him. I find complete and perfect satisfaction as I accept the way He views me. If I allow my mind to dwell on how people view each other, my peace is lost, and I am caged in the endless cycle of craving, thirsting, searching. But as soon as my mind is “renewed” and stayed upon His perspective, my entire being finds complete rest. To be used--a vessel in His hands, to be valued by Him, that is where it is. It doesn’t matter how He may choose to use me. Just that He is able and wants to. That makes me significant. My relationship with Him provides the “living water” which quenches my thirst.

I would assume that my readers have all experienced the phenomena of having something come to your mind that you simply refuse to think on. You just don’t go there. You replace the thought with something else. Well, at a very practical level, that is what I’ve learned to do. I do believe that this is what the Apostle Paul was teaching when he said that we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We exchange what the natural man (the flesh) would think for what God would have us think. We are ever being made new into His image as we allow Him to “make us new”. This continually evolving relationship produces an ever present sense of worth like nothing else I’ve ever known.

One thing I love about all of this…when we find our worth in Him, we truly see one another as equally valuable. We don’t compare ourselves amongst ourselves. It‘s impossible, outside the view, not part of the picture. What an awesome way to live!


  1. These words ministered to me this morning. This is a lesson that even though learned, I often find the need to renew my confidence in.
    Good stuff to start the day with!

  2. I'm so glad, Tara. I know how encouraged I am at times as I read various blogs. Sonja's blog did that for me last night. It's a privilege to be a part of "the fam".
    Have a great week! Hope the DVD is going well! I've been thinking about you all.

  3. Just yesterday I had to remind myself to "think on these things".
    Thanks for reminding us where we find value.
    I will be trying the caramel recipe. It will get me a lot of brownie points with my hubby.

  4. Laura;

    So enjoyed this post. The picture above reflects the words of the post. Too cute. I agree though, the discipline and then habit of refusing to "think on certain things" has been so helpful. Especially in keeping in mind it is His opinion of me that really matters, it is in Him that I have my worth. So encouraging.

  5. I also really liked the pairing of the very sweet picture w/your good thoughts..and that really is the goal, I maintain the innocence and pure joy of childhood..takes a little while for children to start "comparing". Also, makes me think how diffucult it is for those from dysfunctional homes to develop a healthy sense of worth. How to understand God's view of them if it was distorted in childhood? Makes me more aware of God's mercy and my need to show it.

  6. Thanks so much for this post. Your words were a blessing, and I think you're right on.

    May your weekend be blessed with wonderful fellowship and lots of fun!!