Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Reader's Club: A Good Thing

I'm enjoying my days with my hubby at the Farm Progress Show this week. I have had time to read 10 or so chapters in the past two days from Don Quixote. This D.Q. Book Club has proven to be helpful to me. After our first two meetings, discussing the first 10 chapters, I recognized that when reading something I don't have a profound interest in, I skim-read. When asked to give a one to two sentence summary of each chapter, I found it easy to just skim, get the main idea, and move on. However, the other ladies picked up much more detail than I. I was missing so much! Over the past two days, I have read in a very different way. I've actually enjoyed the process immensely and learned loads more. Don Quixote is a hilarious book! Since I've slowed down and concentrated on getting more out of it, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
I recommend a reader's club! It's a good thing. : )