Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Camp Meeting ~ Worth the Work?

We just got home from church camp. It happens every year. About the first of July, when we start having to spend more and more time trying to get the campground ready, we start wondering, is it really worth all of the effort? Once camp finally starts, we're glad the main preparation work is over, and we feel a small sense of relief. Many of our dear friends join us, and we enjoy fellowship and inspiration for several days. Then, we get about half-way through, we've done more dishes than we can count, swept more floors than we do the rest of the year combined, cleaned more outhouses than most people do in a lifetime, done countless other odds and ends, and the tired body starts asking again, is it really worth it? Every year, after it's all said and done, we are so overwhelming thankful for camp meeting, we hardly remember any other feeling.
That's my story for today. It's good to be home, but look at me, I'm online wanting to reconnect with some of the same friends I just lived with for a week, as well as others I haven't been able to check in on for over a week.
Any thoughts or stories to share about camp meetings?


  1. Glad you're back...I think ya'lls camp time is special! As for my own memories,got quite a few from "travlin" days:) but also very definite ones of making crucial decisions to follow God...very important times!

  2. Yes, my friend, I think it is worth it! My tired body has wondered the same, but as I stated on my blog, when our children were as excited as ours were, when old friends were reunited, and when our spirits were uplifted and challenged, it made it all worthwhile!! Some things are worth the work, eh?! Thank you all and everyone else for all of the hard work! AND I agree with you, it sure was good to get home!!

  3. Yes! It is definately worth it! Although I'm very tired, I somehow feel revived! I'm excited to see you all again, soon!

  4. Good to hear from you gals! Thanks for stopping by. Couldn't agree more with your comments.

    Kim, I certainly ditto the fact that crucial decisions are often made at campmeetings! We saw it again this year.

    I'm ever thankful for all those who paved the way to keep camp going. It is a treasured time for our family.