Friday, August 31, 2007

blogging bits

good to be back home with my girls
heard their violin practice this morning for the first time this week
was amazed at what teacher can do in one lesson
almost cried as i was listening to laRae play Massenet's Meditation from Thais
if you've never heard it, you've just got to--breathtaking
rachelle's Gounod Ave Maria is coming along beautifully too

had to check lots of papers this morning after being gone for three days
chelle was so excited to have a real study guide for her science test today
she was bitterly disappointed to miss 1/2 a point and not have a perfect paper : )
of course, we talked about it
she's satisfied now--she did her best
human beings are NOT perfect
thankfully, we're not required to be
we have worth in seeing our self the way God sees us
trusting Him

enjoying a little cooler weather, but need rain

got bills paid and napped this afternoon
curt needed to, but couldn't
he'll sleep well tonight
the farm show was dusty and windy
we're both suffering from allergies and weary bodies
it's tough on a body to sit or just stand still for three days!

the girls are going to clean their daddy's office tonight
they have their first job now--cleaning once a week
saving for the future

gotta get back into the cooking mode
eating-out spoils me

curt and i have started reading The Great Divorce (C. S. Lewis)
reading together
that's one thing that keeps our relationship fresh and new
something that gives us new things to think about--
valuable things of real substance
Hollywood has it all wrong
i'm glad He who made us knows what it takes to keep relationships vibrant --
it's just our responsibility to seek His wisdom

looking forward to a long bike ride on monday
there's a great trail in southern IL
we'll probably go to breakfast and then bike
it's a beautiful area

happy labor day, everyone!