Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Memory Makin' Days

We just got back from a trip to Kingston, Ontario. We attended a Suzuki Music Camp at St. Lawrence and Queen's Colleges there. The girls enjoyed it immensely. Curt was able to have free Internet so that he could work everyday at his computer right near us in the college cafeteria, and I got to listen in on everything the girls did. They had music history, Chamber, orchestra, private lessons, repertoire classes & family chorus (where all four of us joined in and sang with 60 or so others a medley of My Fair Lady songs). There were several evening concerts by faculty and advanced students. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, but exhausting!

The girls made a new friend. In fact, our entire family was invited to Toronto on the way home from Kingston to meet Hanna's family. What a delight! The family--the father, a doctor who moved to Canada 20 years ago from Hungary, his wife, an electrical engineer, also from Hungary, Hanna, their 16 year old who plays harp and violin, Lea, 14, a ballet dancer and violist, and Daniel, 11, a guitarist, and a unicyclist who played soccer 12 hours straight the day before we arrived--just precious people. We are so happy to have become acquainted and feel sure our paths will cross again, "if not here, then in heaven", as Hanna put it when we were pulling away from their home in downtown Toronto.

On our way home, we stopped by beautiful Niagara Falls. The girls had never seen it. It's a sight to see. We prefer the Canadian side though. You can see so much better.