Thursday, May 10, 2007

Restless Heart

Sometimes a restless heart swells up within me. I've come to recognize that "every heart hath its own ache", even those who walk in a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ. We just don't let that kind of heart reign. We are told we can place it on His shoulders, and He'll carry it.
Thank you, God.

That restlessness can be a result of a variety of circumstances. Recently, it showed up as I was struggling with a sense of rejection. Sometimes people just assume you aren't needy, you aren't hungry for fellowship and encouragement. Instead of being your friend, they feel threatened and push you away, assuming you're someone who has it all together.

His words of other believers helps...just telling Him helps.

Lord, help me remember just how much others need me. It's easy to get so caught up in reaching the lost, going about MY ministry, my daily duties, forgetting that I need to reach out to others within the body of Christ.
I will do my best, in this respect, and rest in the belief that YOU are ever "pursuing me with kindness."

Ultimately, trusting HIM soothes a restless heart.