Tuesday, May 22, 2007

God's Love Changes It All

I could write a thousand songs about You
Of all the things You ever said and did
How You took the bread and fish and fed five-thousand
Or the gentle way You taught us how to live

How You opened up the eyes of this blind man
How You calmed the storms that raged inside of me
How You filled the emptiness my life was made of
With the greatest joy my heart has ever seen

And it's all because You love me
It's all because You do
It's all because You love me
How could I not love You

When the pressures of this world are cast upon me
And the shadows fall like curtains on my heart
When my life is feeling somewhat like an island--
All alone, and oh, so far apart

There is comfort knowing You are always near me
You're as close to me as calling out Your name
It's a miracle of love that lasts forever--
How you keep my in Your loving arms today

And it's all because You love me
It's all because You do
It's all because You love me
How could I not love you

All Because You Love Me/ The Imperials Side by Side album
Paul Smith, composer and soloist

One of my favorite oldies! It rings true again and again. As I go to Him, His love brings peace and security, enablining me to (hopefully) be a wellspring of Life for others! If He cannot use me for His purposes, I'm of NO use.


  1. I'm going to have to find the tune to this song..great! Love the line "And the shadows fall like curtains on my heart" it really is such a miracle that there is true comfort in such times! Enjoyed the night pics. as well...

  2. Oh, Kim, it is a well written song! It's one of those that paints the words explicitly and beautifully. I so agree about the word picture--shadows falling like curtains--what poetic skill, what mastery with words! You'll love it once you hear it. I'll see if I can find any links to get you to it.

  3. Toots; (I love calling you this)

    Anyway, I love shelly's glasses. Too funny. I don't know that I've heard this oldie, but it is a goodie.

  4. Hooray for silly glasses! Rachelle looks so great! This is a new definition of rose colored grasses...lime green? ;) What a wonderful young lady!

  5. Beautiful lyrics, Laura. Thanks for sharing them.

    LOVE the pics of your girls 'schooling'! What a way to learn! I would be interested in knowing more about the curriculum choices you have made through their years of learning at home. I.E., have you mixed it up or stuck with one style, etc. If you have any time to share on that, I'd love to hear it!