Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Gift of Music

We had our final spring recital last night. The girls and six (if you include the little guy who helped sing and will start violin soon) other little ones from church were involved. It was such a joy to listen and watch them all make music together. It wasn't that long ago that LaRae got her 1/32 size violin and began scritch-scratching on that tiny piece of wood and string. All the effort is certainly paying off. I see a Chamber Orchestra in the future!

Music is such a gift from our gracious God. When I try to comprehend His creativity, in the light of the awesome creativity in men, it boggles my mind! Take all the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard, the most splendid sights you've ever seen, the most delectable flavors you've ever tasted, the most delicious aromas you've ever smelled, add them together, and you've only experienced a miniscule speck of what is possible with HIM! Now, that's something else to look forward to.


  1. Toots;
    You're such a good writer, have you ever thought of writing a song or something. Your girls are lovely.

  2. It truly was nice, wasn't it!! I'm not just talking from a "prejudiced" parent/friend, but those "kids" were making some beautiful music last evening!! I'm so proud of your girls, and it's encouraging for us parents who are still on the "beginning" side of it!! Thanks for introducing us to one FANTASTIC violin teacher!!

  3. I loved your little singer last night, MMem! He was a winner. His little friends were doing a good job, but he helped animate them into more action! They told those girls a thing or two, didn't they?

    I saw Fairya just a smilin'. She was thrilled. I'm encouraged and very hopeful she'll fit him in come fall.

    Viola, you should hear that group of kids! You'd enjoy it immensely. You might even decide to join them and play that antique tuba you've got, right?

  4. AMEN! She's takin' a text! I am, by the way, the second Wolf kid. Maybe now that De's married people will stop thinking I'm older. That bugs me. And I was just the other day thinking about Take One. (Is there a website I could go to?)

    Glad you officially introduced yourself. I remembered thinking when I started "The Well Educated Mind" how nice it would be to have some like-minded ladies to discuss it with. Life is full of happy suprises.

  5. Hi Laura, I've only met you a time or two, but my husband and I were at CFC with Curt. Just came across your blog and wanted to say "hi"! We also have 2 daughters about your girls' ages and are homeschooling. It's nice to get to know you a little better through your blog.

  6. That is so neat that y'all had your spring recital. Wish I could get to use your violin teacher...we have to try to find one over here...and of course she would teach violin in SPANISH...but we'd still have a teacher. =)

    Take care,

  7. Sarah, I'm so happy to have made your acquaintance! I'm on a two-day trip with my hubby, but once I'm home, I'll get back to "The Well Educated Mind." Maybe we can pursue some helpful exchanges. I do have some questions with regard to "The Great Books."

    Yes, I'm notorious for "preaching." Kevin Mos. at GBS can probably tell you about it...we always get into lively discussions. I really don't mean to be "preachy." I am just very passionate about what has helped me and what I believe to be true. However, I don't have an agenda as to what truth should be. I hold what I believe with palms up. I'm always a seeker. Set me straight if my tone is obnoxious. I don't mind.

    The studio website is www.baileybusinessgroup.org, I think. Once I publish this, I'll go and make sure. I'll do another post if necessary.

    Thanks for the quick response! It's great to begin a friendship.

    It took me a few minutes, going to your website and all, to realize who you were. Thanks so much for writing. Once Curt saw your picture, he knew you. Aren't little girls a barrel of fun? I enjoy my two immensely. So glad to establish contact again. Curt sends greetings to Lyle.

    I pray that you will be able to find a teacher and that your little ones will benefit from the language immersion opportunity!
    (Making lemonade out of potential lemons!)
    We'll certainly make that a family concern. So good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Sarah,
    It's www.baileybusinessgroup.com.

  9. Agree that music is one of the best gifts...went to a chamber orchestra concert this week..included Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony..SOOO beautiful..closed my eyes and just drank in the music..healing to the senses.