Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Gift of Music

We had our final spring recital last night. The girls and six (if you include the little guy who helped sing and will start violin soon) other little ones from church were involved. It was such a joy to listen and watch them all make music together. It wasn't that long ago that LaRae got her 1/32 size violin and began scritch-scratching on that tiny piece of wood and string. All the effort is certainly paying off. I see a Chamber Orchestra in the future!

Music is such a gift from our gracious God. When I try to comprehend His creativity, in the light of the awesome creativity in men, it boggles my mind! Take all the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard, the most splendid sights you've ever seen, the most delectable flavors you've ever tasted, the most delicious aromas you've ever smelled, add them together, and you've only experienced a miniscule speck of what is possible with HIM! Now, that's something else to look forward to.