Monday, May 7, 2007

Friends who trust you are a blessing!

I am blessed to have trusting/trusted friends. You don't have to go far or look long to see people who have high, towering walls around their true self. Once I began trusting God and made peace with Him, it freed me to realize that my worth is solely in how He views me. That allowed me to let down those walls and experience rich rewarding friendships with like-minded believers.

This past weekend was a joy. My girls and I went to a Mother-Daughter Brunch; was that ever a treat. Our creative hostess has a knack for making things special. I was one of two designated specialty coffee drink creators. I'm not very quick, and I worry about not having a set recipe. As picky as I am about my own coffee, I was concerned that someone would get an awful tasting drink! No one complained. The old saying "Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes" just might apply. Later that same day, we had a continuing celebration for two friends turning 40 this year. It was one of four events scheduled throughout the year: "4 Ds". 1. Drama, 2. Dirt Cheap Night, 3 & 4. Didn't decide (yet.) We went to four different houses for a variety of meal courses. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, my girls and I went to Cincinnati for a recital. One of my favorite young friends was having her senior recital; we got to go and enjoy.

I'm truly blessed to have friends who have let down the walls of personal protection and ventured to trust one another. It's a treasure I don't want to ever take for granted.