Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back on the Prairie

I was cleaning house this morning, when I looked out and saw my girls working away at what they called a "labor-saving" device. They have a Zip-line they ride out of the tree house, and LaRae had rigged up a box on it, so that she could haul her grass collection up. She thought she would "dry it up there".

Yesterday after school, she mowed an area in which she plans to plant popcorn. After mowing this quite-tall grassy area, she raked up some, for...well, I really don't know what she has in mind, something she has read in one of her books. I'm afraid it'll end up as some sort of nest for some critter, but that's beside the point.

My girls are almost done with school, and they had to spend their spring break (working) at IHC, so I've given them a day (once in a while) to compensate. Today is one of those days. It's gorgeous outside! Once the weather is hot, muggy, and buggy, they will stay inside most of the time. They don't like that weather, especially horseflies! Anyway, if they need to, they'll do the last few days of school when the weather is no longer pleasant.

LaRae, in her favorite pioneer garb, would go back in time and be a pioneer were it possible. I've tried to tell her how hard it would be, and she does believe me, but she enjoys imagining that that would be the life. Rachelle just goes along for the ride. She likes building a fire and driving the "cart," but cringes at all the "just try it" foods her sister cooks over the fire. They are boiling water for something, I think washing their dishes. Their "horse and wagon/cart" awaits nearby in all its battery-powered glory.

I just got summoned. The desire is to go to an antique store to look for "some items." I happen to know that a butter churn is on the list. I see a store-stop for cream as well. What's a mom to do? They learn so much from their books, by looking up how-to-items online, and then trying it all out in their play. I'll just deal with the blackened (old) pans, the tough-to-swallow "tastes" of Laura Ingalls Wilder delicacies, and the smelly, smokey clothes that will immediately go in the wash once they're back from the prairie!