Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Life - Centered Around A Pursuit of Jesus - Is Good

LaRae, with my parents

I've had these pictures as screensavers on my desktop 
since Christmas time. I had intended to do a newsy post, 
but it just isn't happening.

I knew some of you would enjoy the antics
of Curt and the girls... 

Wherever LaRae is, there is some sort of energetic goings on!

Rachelle and Curt have a different sort of delightful (often very funny) energy that keeps
my life interesting when she is gone. We miss her but are 
so thankful that she is where she feels God wants her.
That makes so much difference!

I'm blessed and grateful. 

I trust your days are full of joy and meaning
as you go about your duties.

"There are many benefits to walking obediently with Jesus," I recently
read in my Elisabeth Elliot book, Be Still My Soul.
She's so right, and her book is so good!
If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Longing and Desire

Keith, Me, and Dad
What a beautiful example he and Mother set for us!

I've had many helpful conversations with my brother, Keith, through the years. It has been a while since we discussed the issue of human desire, but the last time I asked him a question about it, he wrote some thoughts down for me. At the time, I was wrestling with C. S. Lewis's take on the subject. If my memory serves me correctly, Lewis was influenced by Augustine on this issue.

I recently found Keith's thoughts in a pile of papers I was going through as I organized and deep-cleaned our home office. They spoke to my heart.

If you don't know my brother, let me tell you, he is a rare one. He has been studying the Bible since he was young. He still has an unquenchable passion to seek the truth. He has had an immeasurable influence on my life, and I am grateful beyond words. I hope these lines speak to you as well, and may they inspire further seeking and desire (for lack of a better word) to know God and know truth.

There is a sense of longing for the one who has trusted in Christ and has grown to love Him, a pull to hear Him - not a sound, but to hear what He means, what He wants, how He assesses. A pull to know Him: to understand reality as He does - as it is.  A pull to see Him: not a form, but the fullness of what He is and to see how He sees all else.  
But this longing is not an extension of the desires of the senses for sublime stimulation. It is more a place of rest for those who have seen the final emptiness of sensual experience. It is trust. Trusting Him instead of them. 
It is rest because there is a cessation of feeding desire like a fire, a submission of pursuing or even defining fulfillment other than to trust it to Him. He is our exceeding great desire. And yet, at one in Him I find rest.

Isn't that beautiful!?

Thanks be to God, I have found Keith's words to be true.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Pitcher I Must Pour

There's a lovely old song that goes something like,

Oh!, I have found It-
The Crystal Fountain!
And all my life's deep needs
Have been supplied
So freely flowing
From Calv'ry's mountain
And now my soul
Is fully satisfied

Those words ring true, deep and soul-soothingly true.

However, while Jesus has brought me deep satisfaction, and while His teaching has answered and continues to answer my biggest questions - meet my deepest needs - my experience tells me that:

He is the living water, but I must pick up the pitcher and pour.
His wisdom flows, but I must go to the stream.
His love has been demonstrated, but I must contemplate it, trust Him completely, and apply that mindset to every area of life.

Yes, I have found the Crystal Fountain, but I must give every ounce of energy and will I have to pursue drinking from It. 

Thanks be to God for His love, His trustworthiness, and His patience with us as we learn how to find Him!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas at the Three Bees

You won't be sorry if you're able to make one of the final two performances of Rachelle's latest drama! It's a story that keeps you thinking long after you've seen it. The characters are many and varied. Some will make you laugh. Others will make you cry... or at least make you feel like it.

Well worth your time! Rebecca Patterson Hoard will be live-streaming it on her Facebook page tomorrow night at 6:30 and Wednesday night at 6:30.

Hope you can join us one way or the other!