Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rachelle: New Dramas, New Post

Rachelle has a new post on her website!

She spent every spare moment (since she graduated from Hillsdale College in May)
writing two new plays. One was performed this summer and
her new Christmas play will be performed this December.

Her Christmas play from last year is off to the printer, 
and soon the two written this year will be as well.

All available for purchase soon!

check out www.kittywhamproductions.com

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Trip to England Fall 2017: LaRae's MPhil Graduation

The four of us at Blenheim Palace
The grass really is that green!

LaRae, for the last time leaving St. Hugh's College
where she lived for the two-year Mphil.
She will be associated with University College
 for the Dphil.
Curt, Rachelle, and I just got back from an 11-day trip to see LaRae in England. She graduated last Friday from the Mphil program at Oxford and is now commencing her Dphil. (Those are equivalent to U.S. Masters and Doctoral programs.)

The graduation, held in the Sheldonian Theatre,
was mostly in Latin!
LaRae is standing in the second row on the right.

My brother, Keith, and his wife Rachel went with us. 

We rented a nice house for a reasonable price
in Summertown, just north of Oxford City Centre.
We loved it!

When we first arrived we went to see LaRae before she left 
for her job at Magdalen College School.

Pullens Lane, the beautiful lane on which LaRae lives
now as a Jr. Dean for Wycliffe College's SCIO program.

The Vines is the Victorian home that houses LaRae and 38 (some terms it'll be 40)
American Christian College students. They are undergrads who typically come
to Oxford for one term in their Jr. or Sr. year.
She's a big sis or dorm mom to them, and she loves the job!

All the SCIO students have bikes provided.
They'll need them since the Vines is not in downtown Oxford.
It's about a 10 minutes bike ride out.

The Vines has a beautiful yard and gardens.
A storm (thunderstorms are rare though drizzle is not)
came through shortly before we arrived and so chairs had not been
put back in place yet.

We rented a van (our first try at driving on the wrong side of the road!) and survived it
as we all worked together to navigate the roundabouts and the road signs
and so forth! Curt did all the driving, and he said it was harder than you might think. 
He was so happy when we picked up our van at the St. Louis airport and drove home 
on the right side of the road!  

We went to see the Roman baths and the beautiful Abbey in Bath.

We went to see Stonehenge, where my threesome
had to have some camera fun.

We drove to Dover to see the cliffs, the castle, and the historic tunnels.
So much fascinating history there! 
The town is pretty - shall I say... lacking, but the castle,
the tunnels, and the cliffs are well worth the trip!
Oh, and we found a delightful Italian restaurant in Dover, 
the il Rustico. 

This picture doesn't look real, but this is how it looked! No editing, no filtering!

Bletchley Park, location of an intriguing, secretive operation
in World War II, is well worth your time!
Don't rely on the movie version of it - far from an accurate portrayal.
Thanks to Rachel, we got a few pictures at Bletchley. 
I don't seem to have a single picture. 

And we went to Blenheim Palace and Gardens. 
I learn more every time I visit and love the history!

Walking up to see the tall monument in front of the palace.

The man-made waterfall at Blenheim is an incredible feat,
considering it was done without modern equipment!
Tons of clay soil was dug out by hand!

The terraced gardens in the back of Blenheim 

Of course, we spent quite a bit of time in Oxford too. 
I love that "sweet city with her dreaming spires"!

It was yet another trip we will long remember.

We miss LaRae like crazy but are thankful for the amazing opportunity she has.
Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to God for His goodness.